Friday Flora – Tulipa sylvestris

I first realised quite how beautiful Tulipa sylvestris was this time last year when I saw it planted in the “alpine meadow” part of Hidcote Manor Garden last year. It made enough of an impression for me to order 50 from Peter Nyssen last autumn AND for me to remember to plant it in a timely manner.

It’s in one of the ever-expanding areas of long grass in what’s left of our lawn and I’ve enjoyed watching it move from demure bud to pouting young flower – now the tulip has a flirtatious flick to its petals and I keep running down to the bottom of the garden to see it again. I think it is playing grandmother’s footsteps with me – every time I look, the flowers seem to have frozen in a different position to last time.

Sadly I shall probably miss its prime as I am away from home for a few days –  but as 50 isn’t nearly enough I shall order lots more this autumn!

Tulipa sylvestris

Tulipa sylvestris – demure enough, to begin with

Tulipa sylvestris

Curvy and flirtatious

Tulipa sylvestris

“Everyone freeze! She’s coming back again with her camera.”


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