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  • OK, why a parrot’s nest?

  • Looking at container garden from a window

    Ten Lessons from my Spring Back Door Pots 2016-17

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  • Cristate celosia

    FridayFlora – Celosia – Flamingo Feathers and Dragon’s Breath

    2 standard
  • Friday Flora – Jolly Hollyhocks, Alcea rosea

    8 standard
  • Friday Fauna – Fledglings

    15 standard
  • Friday Flora – Papaver rhoeas, the field poppy

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  • Taking a rain check at Chatsworth

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  • Wakehurst – walking on a bluebell planet

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  • Friday Flora – Fritillaria meleagris

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  • Friday Flora – Lysichiton americanus

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  • Happy Waitangi Day – on the sunny side of the world

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