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  • Ancient track in deepest Somerset

    OK, why a parrot’s nest?

  • Graveyard with a fine view in Arisaig, Scotland.

    Things That Go Bump

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  • 20161012-dsc_7939

    An Autumnal Yorkshire Tapestry

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  • 20161004-dsc_7439

    Friday Flora – Gentiana spp

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  • 20161001-dsc_7092

    Friday Flora – Sorbus aucuparia

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  • 20160824-dsc_4537

    Friday Flora – Protea laurifolia

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  • 20140219-20140219-dsc_0193

    Friday Flora – Araucaria heterophylla

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  • Tulipa 'Pink Diamond' is at the rear right  of this picture

    James Bond’s Choice of Tulips

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  • 20160719-DSC_1625

    Friday Flora – Ageratum houstonianum ‘Timeless Mixed’

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  • 20160721-DSC_1652

    Friday Flora – Clematis ‘Polish Spirit’

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  • 20160708-DSC_1313

    FridayFlora – Rosa ‘D├ębutante’

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